José Rizal

The sea, the sea is everything! Its sovereign mass
brings to me atoms of a myriad faraway lands;
its bright smile animates me in the limpid mornings;
and when at the end of day my faith has proven futile,
my heart echoes the sound of its sorrow on the sands. 

So pass the days of my life in my obscure retreat; 
cast out of the world where once I dwelt: such is my rare 
good fortune; and Providence be praised for my condition: 
a disregarded pebble that craves nothing but moss 
to hide from all the treasure that in myself I bear. 

I live with the remembrance of those that I have loved 
and hear their names still spoken, who haunt my memory; 
some already are dead, others have long forgotten— 
but what does it matter? I live remembering the past 
and no one can ever take the past away from me. 
         -from "My Retreat" by Jose Rizal, Trans. by Nick Joaquin 

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